Ferdi B. Dick (aka Disko) is a 3D illustrator and sculptor based in Cape Town. A natural-born experimenter, he tests, stretches and redraws creative boundaries at every stage of a project – from concept to final product.

Ferdi brandishes a diverse range of 3D illustration skills, including rich textures, liquid depiction (splashes, droplets and fluid effects on objects), 3D typography, photorealistic packshots, character illustration, figurines and sculptural mimicry. Largely self-taught, he has honed his craft through years of experience working on projects for both local and global clients.

With a creative process that places emphasis on tactile art and the sculptural form, it’s no surprise that Ferdi recently ventured into sculpture as a sideline endeavour – this creative outlet providing a lively synergy with his original discipline. His sculptures are largely character-driven, with a comical, childlike and edgy quality. They start out as digital models, find material form via 3D printing, and finally are cast in bronze.

The result of these creative feats is a body of work that plays superbly in the overlap between digital and tangible.
Watch this space for more exciting projects, and contact Ferdi with any enquiries, projects or proposals.


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