"Early Bird Fresh" 

September 14th.

Life is full of little surprises… animation

Self promotional animation of a feathered 3D bird hunting a worm and ending up getting “refreshed”.
Animation showing off character animation and feather dynamics

Early Bird Fresh from Disko Animation on Vimeo.

disko_bird_1_disko.co.za disko_bird_2_disko.co.za disko_bird_3_disko.co.za disko_bird_4_disko.co.za disko_bird_6_disko.co.za disko_bird_8_disko.co.za

Title: Disko Blood on the Dance Floor
Type: 3D Animation, Feathers, Character animation
Client: Disko
Sound: Goran Manojlovic : Sonosstudios

external links: Early Bird Fresh on Behance gallery, Early Bird Fresh! on flickr