"Garden water-boy fluid" 

February 3rd.

An excited garden water-boy, playing with his watering-can.

The aim was to control water behavior with a 3D character by means of expulsion and attraction of water from the character’s surface. Thus water only gets expelled from the surface if that part of the body moves fast enough and water then moves back into the object sluggishly.
Also, wherever water was splashed on the ground surface, the surface remains wet afterwards.

Title: Garden water-boy: fluid test animation
Style: 3D fluid Animation
Client: self-indulgence
Sound: Goran Manojlovic Sonosstudios

waterboy_c_disko.co.za waterboy_a_disko.co.za waterboy_b_disko.co.za waterboy_d_disko.co.za

Garden Water-Boy – Ferdi Dick : Disko from Disko Animation on Vimeo
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