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Selected Work

September 7th

Aero photo-real 3D renders of chocolate/half mint bubbles and pack shot

September 7th

Photo-real 3D renders of an glass of Berocca bubbles and pack-shot

July 29th

Could be the gymnastic team?, Some characters I made for fun

July 27th

Photorealistic 3D renders for Oude Molen brandy

June 17th

Table mountain gets turned in to “Mount Rushmore” to celebrate 25 years of the Nissan NP300

June 1st

a Yellow bait station with an ant dressed like a suicide bomber making his way to the rest of the unsuspecting ants.

May 5th

Get one, Get them all!

April 9th

Interpreting Extraordinary, EveryDay, in an illustration that highlights the hashtag #NoTimeForOrdinary,

November 19th

Animated splashes of fruit juice, used for packaging.

October 13th

3D Illustration evoking the excitement of summer,

August 25th

Steel and marble pillar sculpture test renders.

August 12th

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar that is exploding with Joy

July 23rd

I an effort to support shelters not only individual,

July 1st

Female figure based on classical sculpture draped in cloth to suggest wings.

June 7th

An 3D illustration using popular fairy tale characters,

February 24th

Standard Bank healthy 3D typography created with an stethoscope.

February 4th

A cheesy/fun project to tryout some new ways of creating liquids.

October 2nd

3 different 3D cartoon germ Illustrations,

May 29th

A selection of 3 different 3D-generated illustrations used on t-shirts,

May 2nd

Swirls and loops of particle powder coating gets deposited onto a pipe, building and washing machine