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Selected Work

April 16th

3D Illustration of fluid yogurt splash forming Turkey’s tourist attractions

January 16th

A series of Photo-realistic tubs, sprays and boxes created in 3D for Terres.

October 15th

3D Illustration of water splash forming a crystal – ice dragon twirling around a pack-shot of Vawter vodka

October 3rd

Flora Think Heart Pack-shot print illustration and 10 seconds 3D animation advert

September 26th

Faceted Baobab Tree used as background textures for Nokia Siemens print advert

June 12th

3D Illustration of liquid moulded chocolate pig and wolf airplanes attacking each other kamikaze style.

April 19th

A selection of 32 individually crafted digital replicas of Sasko’s range of bread loaves, buns and rolls.

March 26th

3D illustration of Kanye West as a Gold Grammy’s awards statue.

January 12th

3D illustration of petrol hose brain with BP nozzle in the centre.

January 11th

Sweet packaging 3D Illustration, for Amajoya

September 14th

Life is full of little surprises… animation

August 4th

Horror style 3D Text illustration, using wax and fake blood as a material-style reference.

August 4th

Candy, a honey comb textured text 3D illustration.

August 4th

Fun, a furry 3D text illustration, experimenting with different furry textiles.

August 4th

Yes, a faceted crystal/diamond style 3D text illustration.

July 10th

Breaking apart 3D Text Typographic Illustration using a house walls of brick and cement.

February 3rd

An excited garden water-boy, playing with his watering-can.

January 18th

A Bat, Snake and Dragon-Eel Juicy Creature frozen in mid-flight 3D model stills:

August 29th

What started as a quick 3d model of my pet Scotty, Knersis, evolved into this 3d illustration of a pet cemetery.

May 3rd

The Yellow Cookie Monster was created for a exhibition, and also to experiment with 3D illustration techniques.